FemCAT, Fundaciˇ Privada d'Empresaris

FemCAT is a foundation whose core purpose is to pursue and encourage initiatives to foster the progress of the Catalan society. Business people and top executives working with a single objective in mind; that of taking an important step forward over the next 10 years in order to transform Catalonia into an economically and socially leading country in both Europe and the rest of the world.


FemCAT, a private foundation of Catalan businesspersons, has since 2004 been putting forward ideas and creating initiatives to help foster Catalonia's economic and social development. To deliver on these we believe that business and society must advance together, and we propose working on four areas set out in our manifesto

By coordinating and supporting projects and programmes where business and society can work together, FemCAT wishes to play its part in helping Catalonia to step forward and become one of the most socially and economically advanced countries in Europe and the world.

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Consensus, trust and consistent long-term commitment

Since the benchmarking trip to Finland that members of FemCAT carried out in 2006, our willingness to act and to deepen public-private cooperation run parallel. We believe these are the keys to effective action in those subjects that affect the progress of Catalonia in the long run.

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