About us

FemCAT, a private independent foundation, brings together businesspersons with the mission of making Catalonia one of the best countries in the world. A country that is competitive, open to the world, with entrepreneurial and innovative capacity, social cohesion, and which is sustainable in the long term.

By articulating and giving support to projects and programs in which companies and society can work together, FemCAT aims to help Catalonia take a step forward and become a leading nation, socially and economically, in Europe and the world.

Governing bodies

FemCAT’s main governing body is its Board. It meets quarterly and is responsible for all decisions affecting FemCAT: its strategy, actions, and management. According to the Statutes, the Board must be renewed every three years. It is customary, however, for it to change every two years, with the rotation of approximately one-third of its members and coinciding with the change in president. Once his or her mandate expires, the president cannot be re-elected, but may be named as an Honorary Board Member, a position that includes the right to speak and vote in this body.

Celebrating the 15th aniversary of the Foundation!

The origins of FemCAT

The founding discussions for FemCAT took place in 2003 and 2004 among a group of businesspersons and managers who were firmly convinced of Catalonia’s potential to become one of the most advanced countries in the world. They were inspired by historic examples: the businessmen who, in the 19th century, turned Catalonia into “Spain’s factory”, and the young business class who, in the mid-20th Century, decided to lead a new recovery. In May 2004, these discussions became embodied in FemCAT’s Founding Manifesto.[/one_half]

On January 12, 2005, 23 founding Board members created the Private Catalan Businesspersons Foundation FemCAT. The Founding President was Joaquim Boixareu, and the Secretary was Xavier Cambra. FemCAT grew rapidly, with 21 new members added in 2006 and 32 in 2007, reaching 89 members at the beginning of 2009. The members, all prestigious business owners and directors, collaborated personally in the design and development of initiatives. In order to establishand maintain a participatory dynamic, in which all members could be present and work on at least one project, control over the pace of growth became necessary. The membership surpassed 100 for the first time in 2015.

Since its beginnings, FemCAT has imposed itself the duty of renewing its leadership positions regularly. Thus, Joaquim Boixareu was the Founding President and served from 2005 to 2009. He was followed by Josep Mateu (2009-2011), Carles Sumarroca (2011-2013), Miquel Martí (2013-2015), and Ramon Carbonell (2015-2017). Xavier Cambra, who in the first years was Secretary-General and executive director, was relieved at the beginning of 2016 by Immaculada Amat.


FemCAT is listed in the Register of Private Foundations of the Catalan government, Generalitat of Catalonia, and also in the Register of Groups of Interest of the Generalitat of Catalonia.