4th edition (2011) – The promotion of Entrepreneurship and of R+D+I: The High-Tech Cluster of Tel Aviv, Israel


This small Mediterranean state leads the world in venture capital investment per capita. It makes possible a highly competitive system of technological entrepreneurship, with significant incentives for young people and for the research system, and international prestige and respect around the world that is now both a market and a powerful partner.

The central theme of the visit to the cluster of high-tech companies around Tel Aviv, Israel, was based on the growth of an industry based on talent and creativity applied to technology.

Thus, the trip was focused on finding the keys to the following aspects:

  • Why would a multinational company like HP choose to buy a company in Israel and once there, grow and concentrate its activities in the country? Why do others, such as Intel, concentrate research there that is vital to their future?
  • Why are so many people involved in business start-ups? Why does society in general maintain such a positive attitude towards this?
  • What gives these entrepreneurs a global market perspective from day one? What role does this vision play in how they conceive and plan their business? How does this vision evolve with the growth of the company?
  • How did the current system of Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship come to be what they are today? What are the future prospects?
  • What is the history of a company that was a start-up twenty years ago and is now a world leader in its sector? Which decisions, right and wrong, were made along the way, and why were they good or bad?
  • Can you define the responsibility that the public and private sectors have had throughout the process? Is there some infrastructure that has paved the way?


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