6th edition (2015) – Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, California, United States


The aim of the trip was to observe companies experiencing exponential growth and the internal and external factors that make this growth possible. Thus, conclusions were drawn concerning both the internal management of companies and the institutional structure that supports it.

The topics guiding the trip were:

  • Silicon Valley: Observation of the elements that make up an ecosystem favorable to the emergence and growth of new technology companies.
  • Companies with exponential growth: Organizational systems of the businesses, both new and established, that through the empowerment of teams and goal-oriented management achieve significant and sustained growth.
  • Mechanisms for Innovation: Permeability of entrepreneurial spirit among startups and established companies; creating innovation opportunities for all.
  • Competition for resources: Competition for people, space and capital is both a focus for attracting new talent and money and a possible cap on the sustainability of the model.
  • Infrastructure and Knowledge transfer: What role is played by infrastructure, in the broadest sense, in the emergence of new companies and the success of already established ones.

All these issues were discussed transversely during the visits.


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