The Annual FemCAT Assembly was held yesterday, on January 22. Approximately 50 members came together in Barcelona to elect new trustees and a new president: Elena Massot.

Oriol Guixà, David Marín, Ariadna Marín and Germán Ramón-Cortés will act as vice presidents, and Immaculada Amat will continue as secretary. The outgoing president, Pau Relat, was named the new trustee of honour, thus joining the ranks of former presidents.

Moreover, the 2018 Activity Report was presented at the Assembly, as was the 2019 budget, and the closure of the 2018 budget.

At the end of the Assembly, a meeting was held with the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, and a work dinner with the Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge, Maria Àngels Chacón.


FemCAT, a private and independent foundation, brings together entrepreneurs with the mission of making Catalonia one of the best countries in the world. A competitive country, open to the world, with entrepreneurship and innovation capacity and social cohesion sustainable over time. FemCAT members (who have joined on an individual basis) contribute their time and know-how to help overcome the country’s challenges. At FemCAT, we lead projects, participate in backbone entities and propose topics that are relevant to the future of Catalonia.

Outgoing president

During Pau Relat’ term, FemCAT’s determination to act positively and in favour of the country were strengthened. The incumbent’s two areas of focus, “Talent” and “Business is society,” were deployed with great complementarity. Thus, projects focused on the workplace insertion of people with functional diversity and on getting companies involved in preventing early school leaving have emphasized the need to identify and develop diverse talent, which at the same time contributes to social cohesion. New projects focused on building bridges for dialogue and cooperation with organizations in various fields were promoted, such as in the sphere of university education with the joint UPF and UPC Industrial Technologies and Economic Analysis degree, and the programme “Journalism and Enterprise,” which brings companies closer to journalism graduates. Continuity has also been given to consolidated initiatives, such as support for the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology, and the “Parliament and Enterprise” and “School and Business” programs, with the latter reaching more than 70,000 high school students from all over Catalonia in its eight years of existence.

Incoming president

Elena Massot Puey took over the presidency of FemCAT yesterday for the next two years. In this new era, we will continue working towards FemCAT’s foundational goals, focusing on the “Talent” and “Business is society” axes, and maintaining a constructive and loyal relationship with public and business institutions to help make Catalonia one of the world’s most advanced societies.

A graduate in Business Administration (IQS) and Law (UOC), Massot is the CEO of the real estate developer Vèrtix, where she has held different roles throughout her entire career. She is a founding member of FemCAT and served as a vice president in the past two terms. She is also vice president of the Association of Developers and Builders of Catalonia (APCE) and a member of the businesswomen foundation, Grup 7.

Photograph: David Trepat

Nova composició del Patronat de FemCAT


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